In order to register with CCT, you will need to review the CCT Policies & Guidelines and fill out each of the following forms. Click on the form name and a PDF version of the form will open in a new browser window.

  1. New Family Application (one for each family, if applicable)
  2. Family Contact Form (one for each family)
  3. Desired Course Registration Form (one for each student)
  4. Registration Agreement (one for each family)
  5. Student Contract (one for each student)
  6. Indemnity Agreement (one for each family)
  7. Registration Checklist (one for each family)

Please Note: All of our classes require a minimum number of students in order to be conducted. In the event a class does not have enough students, we will attempt to notify you by August 1st. Should a course be cancelled, CCT will return your checks.

Please email to obtain the address for mailing all forms and payments.

Revised: 19 April 2024