Voice Private Lessons

Half Year Course – Fall & Spring; 45 minutes

Private vocal instruction for students of all ages and vocal ability, tailored to the individual needs and aspirations of each student. Students will learn to control their voices with freedom and ease, creating a warm, natural tone, capable of adapting to many musical styles and genres. Vocal placement, phrasing, and dynamics, as well as posture and performance techniques will be taught through the use of art songs, sacred repertoire, musical theatre selections, and modern repertoire. Students will learn to identify, strengthen, and expand their vocal range through selections taken from The Royal Conservatory of Music, Italian Art Song and Aria books, Solo repertoire books specific to each voice type, Musical Theatre Anthologies, and independent selections. The student will learn how to communicate the message and mood of the selection, approaching each piece as an opportunity to minister to our audience, striving toward musical excellence, but at the same time accepting the human element of our voices. Students will primarily sing with accompaniment CD’s during lesson times, and Mrs. Podsednik will encourage students to take time each day to rehearse techniques and selections introduced in each lesson.

  • Practice time = progress
  • Students may sign up for the fall session
  • Students will be accepted in the spring semester, based upon availability

Prerequisite(s): N/A

Text(s): N/A

Required Materials: N/A

Additional Fee:

  • Monthly Fee: Students will pay a monthly fee for one lesson per week $45 per 45 minute session each week – totaling $180 a month for a four week month and $225 a month for a five week month
  • Music Fee: As required or preferred. Some materials will be included in the course fee. Lesson time will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

Instructor: Wendy Podsednik

Revised: 23 October 2023