Vocal Ensemble

Half Year Course – Fall & Spring; 75 minutes

Anyone can learn to sing! But like any sport, it takes a positive attitude, hard work, and dedication. Join us for a fun semester of rigorous vocal Ensemble training, as we work together on a variety of musical selections, culminating in at least one performance a semester. Students will have the opportunity to sing both a cappella selections, as well as those written with accompaniment. Body alignment, breathing, tone production, and resonance will be taught, as well as the importance of listening to one another in order to create a beautiful, touching blend. Students will learn basic sight-reading as they focus on learning these selections with effective vocal expression to create an impacting musical interpretation.

Note 1: Enrollment is limited to students in grades 8 through 12; however 7th grade students may be considered by invitation based on prior vocal experience.

Prerequisite(s): N/A

Text(s): N/A

Required Materials: N/A

Additional Fee: $27 per semester to cover music and recital fees.

Instructor: Wendy Podsednik

Revised: 06 April 2024