United States History

Full Year Course; 90 minutes

We will be using Exploring America by Ray Notgrass (www.notgrass.com). This is sold as a three volume set.  This curriculum will guide students through the story of our country from the first European explorers to the present.  The American Voices volume, with it’s original source excerpts, allows persons in the past to tell their story.  Class will be spent in rhetoric-style discussion including some apologetics, lecture, review, collaborative work, student presentations, reenactments, quizzes, tests, and occasional educational videos.  Students will have daily reading and questions, weekly quizzes in class, tests at the end of five units, and one project per month.  While this curriculum includes history, literature, and Bible components; we will not be requiring the literature selections or Bible readings. However, the literature may be used at home as a Language Arts curriculum to enhance the student’s understanding and the Bible component may be used to supplement existing family or church Bible study.

Prerequisite(s): N/A


  • Exploring America Part 1: Columbus through Reconstruction by Notgrass, 2014, ISBN: 978-1-60999-066-4
  • Exploring America Part 2: Late 1800s to the Present by Notgrass, 2014, ISBN: 978-1-60999-067-1 
  • American Voices: Original Documents, Speeches, Poems, and Stories from American History by Notgrass 2014,   ISBN: 978-1-60999-068-8

Required Materials:

  • three-ring binder with paper
  • 2 dividers

Additional Fee: $10 to cover the cost of consumable material provided by the instructor

Instructor: Doreen Ashley

Revised: 25 March 2022