Half Year Course – Fall & Spring; 90 minutes

Students learning from Mrs. Henshaw ...

Students will develop skills in creativity, character development, vocal projection, memorization, accents, concentration, stage presence, blocking, stage terminology and more through Theater Exercises, Improvisation, Monologues, and a full play production at the end of each Semester. Students will develop the skills necessary to portray a variety of characters as well as to plan and perform scenes. Team work and memorization are required. Students are expected to come to each class prepared and to fully participate in all activities. Students are expected to attend extra rehearsals and play performances

Note 1: Priority enrollment will be given to students in grades 8 through 12; however 7th grade students requesting enrollment in theater will be considered over the summer if all class seats are not filled by that time.

Note 2: Parents will be required to volunteer to coordinate intermission refreshments, organize the cast party, and assist with costuming. Mrs. Rapp also needs a parent assistant, who can begin attending class sessions approximately halfway through the semester when play line rehearsals begin. This parent assistant would help students as they prepare for upcoming scenes and assist Mrs. Rapp, as needed. If you feel led to serve in this role, please let the registrar know at the time of registration. 

Prerequisite(s): N/A

Text(s): Scripts (TBD)

Required Materials: N/A

Additional Fee: $60

Instructor: Crystal Rapp