Half Year Course – Fall; 90 minutes

Early equations ...

This course will prepare students for the NEW digital PSAT for 2023 and the NEW digital SAT beginning in 2024. Students interested in the fall 2023 SAT may take the course for overall testing prep with independent assignments to focus on the pencil and booklet format.

Success on the PSAT and SAT requires practical strategies to eliminate wrong answers within a timed test. These learnable skills raise test scores when practiced diligently. In addition to reviewing essential reading or math concepts, the course will cover topics such as time management and overcoming test anxiety.

Students will learn strategies from the current Princeton Review PSAT or Digital SAT Prep while using Khan Academy’s SAT Prep online program for individualized skills practice.   Online Kahoot practice sessions will reinforce test-taking strategies and general information about the PSAT and SAT.

Grades will be based upon the on-time completion of assignments since regular practice helps to best prepare for these tests. Grades will NOT incorporate practice test scores or a student’s current content skills. 

Students interested in taking the ACT will benefit from this course as the types of questions and test-taking strategies apply to both tests. Independently using the Princeton Review ACT Prep guide is recommended.

Homework:  Because test preparation benefits from daily work, students should plan for at least ½ hours of homework four to five days a week.

  • Some online homework assignments will be via an online Kahoot or Khan Academy.
  • A few assignments will require scanning a page to upload into Thinkwave.
  • Many weeks will require at least three online Khan Academy “practice” assignments (about 10-15 minutes each).

Other Information: This course is entirely different from the College Prep Genius course taught in the previous two years by the instructor.   Prior SAT Prep students may retake the course, given the new DIGITAL content, to continue to improve potential test scores. The Princeton Review provides robust strategies to nail the digital tests.


  • Completion of Algebra 1 with a strong C (75%+) or higher.
  • Students may be enrolled in Geometry or Algebra 2 concurrently.

Text(s): Purchase ONE textbook based on the student’s current testing goal.

  • 9th, 10th, or 11th graders focusing on the PSAT: Princeton Review PSAT/NMSQT Prep, 2023-2024, ISBN – 978-0593516584.
  • 11th or 12th graders focusing on the Spring 2024 or later SAT: Princeton Review Digital SAT Prep, 2024, ISBN – 978-0593516898 (Release date – 18 July 2023)
  • Any 12th graders planning to take a Fall 2023 SAT test(s) should also purchase the Princeton Review SAT Prep, 2023, ISBN – 978-0593450598.
  • Free individual online student accounts for:
    • Princeton Review via the textbook QR code
    • College Board
    • Khan Academy

Required Materials:

  • 1.5”  binder with eight tabbed dividers, with a small amount of lined paper
  • Pen for notetaking; pencil for in-class math practice
  • Five highlighter pens (blue, yellow, green, pink, and orange or purple)
  • A scientific calculator, i.e., it includes trig functions. Be sure it is the same one the student will use when testing! (Any scientific calendar works.)
  • One pack of small sticky notes

Additional Fee:

  • $30 for classroom activities, handouts, review cards, and practice materials

Instructor: Carolyn Graessle

Revised: 01 July 2023