Public Speaking for High School Students

Half Year Course – Spring; 90 minutes

Have you ever wanted to share your thoughts, hobbies, stories, opinions, or humor with others? Have you ever wanted to persuade someone to let you have the last cookie?  If you have had the thought:  “No way could I get up in front of others and speak”! Think again!  This class is a safe and fun opportunity to get comfortable with public speaking.  We will work on writing and delivering a variety of speeches on a wide range of topics.  Students can share their faith in Christ, stories, passions, research, hobbies, ideas, and opinions in a classroom setting that will give them a wonderful opportunity to grow in confidence and skill.

Prerequisite(s): N/A


  • TBD

Required Materials:

  • Pencil / Pen
  • Notebook

Additional Fee: $10 for instructor provided materials

Instructor: Crystal Rapp

Revised: 12 March 2022 for School Year 2022/2023