Personal Finance

Half Year Course – Spring; 90 minutes

Personal Finance

We will be using Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance – High School Edition. This video-based course covers all of the basics teens need to know in order to take control of their money and avoid big financial mistakes. Topics covered include saving, budgeting, debt, life after high school, consumer awareness, bargain shopping, investing and retirement, insurance, money and relationships, careers and taxes, and giving. We’ll discuss financing college, buying a car, getting a job, investing for retirement and other needs, and filling out tax forms. This is the type of class that every student should have before heading out into the “real world.” There will be worksheets and tests assigned.

Prerequisite(s): N/A


  • Foundations in Personal Finance: Home School Student Text. ISBN-13: 9781936948192
    • Textbook is out of print but available through CCT for $30

Required Materials:

  • Folder

Additional Fee: $5 for consumable supplemental materials

Instructor: Margie Leepa

Revised: 14 April 2023