Geometry Supplement

Half Year Course – Fall & Spring; 65 minutes

Geometry Supplement is an elective course for students concurrently enrolled in Geometry. The course provides students with additional instructional time to master weekly content, engage in guided problem-solving tasks, and develop behaviors as defined by the Standards for Mathematical Practice. The expectation is that students would use the supplemental session to solidify the weekly content, improve study skills and build foundations for future mathematics. The optional add-on is offered during both second and third periods on Tuesday. Students may enroll in either session and may enroll in one or both semesters.

Prerequisite(s): Students must be concurrently enrolled in CCT Geometry on Tuesdays.

Text(s): See Geometry course details

Required Materials: See Geometry course details

Additional Fee: N/A

Instructor: Mitzi McConville

Revised: 06 April 2024