Full Year Course; 90 minutes

Advanced algebra ...

The structure of the physical world around us will be described and analyzed using theorems, definitions, and postulates. Problems will be solved using coordinate geometry, constructions, and/or algebraic techniques. The major topics of study include parallelism, congruent triangles, polygons, similarity, circles, transformations, and planar and space measurement. Students will explore two and three-dimensional shapes (and their properties) as well as developing logical thinking skills and using algebra in the physical world.


  • Algebra 1
  • Students must complete and submit a Geometry Skills Assessment (click here) prior to 01 July.


  • Geometry: Seeing, Doing and Understanding Harold Jacobs, Third Edition. As well as Answers to Exercises for Geometry: Seeing, Doing, And Understanding.

Required Materials:

  • Scientific calculator
  • Geometry Tools: Compass, Protractor, Ruler
  • Graph paper
  • Pencils

Additional Fee: $5 to offset the cost of consumables

Instructor: TBD

Revised: 14 July 2022