Algebra 1

Full Year Course; 90 minutes

Early equations ...

In this course, students are introduced to the fundamentals of algebra. Topics include order of operations, the real number system, variables, first and second-degree equations inequalities in one and two variables, polynomials, systems of linear equations and inequalities, exponents and radicals, quadratic functions and equations, rational expressions, and word problems. Problem solving skills are honed as students gain knowledge of the fundamental rules of algebra.

In addition to regular classroom instruction, students will be provided with links to various websites containing explanations, practice problems, and videos. These online options will help reinforce the in-class lesson and enable students gain a better understanding of the covered material.

Note: This course is designed for students in grades 8-10. There is a required placement test (available below) to make certain students have the skills needed to succeed in the course. In the event your student does not pass the test, your course fee will be fully refunded.

Prerequisite(s): Students must complete and submit an Algebra Skills Assessment (click here) prior to 01 July.


  • PRENTICE HALL MATHEMATICS: ALGEBRA I, Johnson, Kennedy, Thompson, Charles, Bass, Bellman, Handlin, Davison, Landau, McCraken, Bragg (c) 2004, ISBN 0-13-052316-X.
  • Solution Key for PRENTICE HALL MATHEMATICS: ALGEBRA I, ISBN 0-13-037556-X.

Required Materials:

  • Three-ring binder with paper and dividers
  • Graphing calculator
  • Pencils

Additional Fee: $5 to offset the cost of consumables

Instructor: Mitzi McConville

Revised: 14 July 2022