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Intro to ASL & Deaf Culture

Half Year Class – Spring; 90 minutes

Intro to American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Culture is intended to give students a broad overview of ASL as a means to begin communicating with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and to facilitate continued instruction in ASL. Topics will include vocabulary, grammar, history, fingerspelling, numbers, terminology, and Deaf culture. This class is meant to be a fun, interactive introduction to ASL. We will watch videos, practice vocabulary, play games, and discuss Deaf/Hard of Hearing issues. No prior knowledge or experience is required.

Prerequisite(s): N/A

Text(s): N/A

Required Materials: N/A

Additional Fee: $50, materials will be distributed first day of class.

Instructor: Ricki Gemmel

Revised: 28 December 2020

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