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General Science

Full Year Course; 90 minutes

As the Apologia website states, “Apologia’s newest curriculum, Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd edition, has been rewritten to truly walk each student through middle school’s transition time from the elementary years to the high school sciences. Specifically designed to be the first course taken during junior high, it was created to give middle school students an understanding of the basic world that surrounds them each day of their lives so that they can appreciate the real-world relevance of scientific inquiry and the beauty of creation.  This is a true general science course covering a wide range of the branches of science. Modules include astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, geology, paleontology, environmental science, biology, physics, and chemistry.

During class there will be lectures and as many experiments as we can fit in – both those in the book and many that are not. The student will be responsible for all readings and chapter questions outside of class. There will be regular tests, most of which will be taken at home. We will also be using the Student Notebook published by Apologia. NOTE: WE WILL BE USING THE 3RD EDITION.  PLEASE BE SURE TO PURCHASE THE 3RD EDITION.

Note: This course is designed for 7th, 8th, and some 9th grade students. Priority will be given to 8th-grade students.

Prerequisite(s): N/A


Required Materials:

Additional Fee: $15 to offset the cost of consumable supplies provided in class.

Instructor: Amy Miller

Revised: 17 April 2023

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