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Advanced Composition

Half Year Course – Fall; 90 minutes

This class aims to improve essay writing and written communication skills for upper-level high school students preparing for college writing or aspiring towards an immediate career.

This course will help students attain understanding and competency in writing essays, focusing on expository and persuasive essays. Students will practice choosing appropriate topics, developing ideas, organizing their thoughts using graphic organizers or outlines, and conducting minor research. Before submitting a final paper, students will receive feedback on content, mechanics, and style at various checkpoints.

Since academic writing requires appropriately quoted, summarized, and cited sources, students will progressively learn and integrate the MLA 9th citation format throughout the semester.

FAQ – Will students be required to read aloud or write on the board during class? Students will have opportunities to read their essays aloud in class or ask someone to read a paper for them, but it is not mandatory.

I do expect class participation for exercises and group activities. Students learn so much and are encouraged through the process of reading and hearing each other’s work.

Prerequisite(s): Ability to write a solid paragraph and exposure to the 5-paragraph essay format.




Required Materials:

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Instructor: Carolyn Graessle

Revised: 25 March 2022 for School Year 2022/2023

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